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Associations are built on a system of committee actions, linking the association with the attitudes and the real world of its members. Committees represent, involve, and serve members, as well as provide an important training ground for future leaders. Committees are an effective work force for the association -- they ensure group participation in problem solving and provide a forum for the many interests within the association. If you would like to volunteer to be part of a committee, see the Committee Volunteer Information for further details. RIMS currently has the following committees, sub-committees and task forces:

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House of Delegates

A delegate serves as the communication liaison between the
delegate’s chapter and the Society. The House of Delegates elects the
Society’s Board of Directors and may develop policy recommendations
for consideration by the Board of Directors. If the House of Delegates
adopts a policy recommendation by majority vote, the Board of Directors
must consider the recommendation at the next Board of Directors’
meeting and must report back to the House of Delegates as soon as
practicable after the meeting. The House of Delegates meets annually at a time and
place to be determined by the Society.

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