Ms. Mari-Jo Hill

Director, Risk Management,
SAS Institute Inc.
Gold MVP

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Cary, NC
United States


Risk Manager since 1987 at SAS (world's largest private computer software company, 2015 revenue = $3.16B), top of Fortune magazine's' "Best Companies To Work For" list last 10 years.

Develop/implement Loss Prevention programs, Incident Reporting, and asset tracking systems as well as coordinate global insurance program for 168 domestic and global regional offices. Domestic exposures include on-site daycare, health care center, fitness/wellness facilities, food service, landscape, maintenance, and corporate aviation (all company employees). Ongoing collaboration with compliance, business continuity, and security/emergency response to develop enterprise-wide view of risk. Support/advisory role to related operations including country club, commercial real estate development, private middle/upper school, 5-star hotel and restaurant.

- mother of one daughter (NCSU grad, paralegal in Charlotte)
- faith in God's provision gives me the strength and perspective to keep life from getting overwhelming or thinking my problems are significant
- Love my work but striving for balance (achieving it is harder!)
- Adjusting to life as an empty-nester and now parent to parents


Penn State University
Pennsylvania, United States
Art Educ, Liberal Arts

Job History

SAS Institute Inc.
Director of Risk Management
Cary, NC, United States
July 1987 - present