Mr. Charles Baxter

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United States


Charles Baxter has served as United Road's Vice President of Risk Management since May 1998. United Road is the nation's largest provider of vehicle transportation logistic services that delivers cars to the continental US and Alaska, and recently has expanded into Canada. In his capacity as Risk Manager, Mr. Baxter serves on the Client Advisory Board for ACE USA, and United Road was recently appointed to the Board of Managers of the National Council of Self Insurers. Prior to joining United Road, Mr. Baxter served as Manager of Environment, Health and Safety between 1992 and 1998 for United Waste Systems; a Greenwich, Connecticut based waste management company. Mr. Baxter's prior experience includes various positions with the State of Massachusetts, Department of Environmental Protection. Mr. Baxter earned a BS from Montana State University and a MA from Boston University where he received a Jesse B. Noyes Foundation Fellowship.