Chapter History

The Northeast Florida RIMS Chapter was formed in May 1979 with Harold L. Flax, Ryder Truck Lines, Inc. serving as it's first Chapter President. The Northeast Florida Chapter followed the Broward (1962) and Tampa Bay (1977) Chapters to become the third Chapter to be formed in the State of Florida.

Past Presidents

1979-80                      Harold L. Flax, Ryder Truck Lines, Inc.
1981                           Bobby L. Jackson, Jacksonville Shipyards, Inc.
1982                           Frank Polatty, Atlantic National Bank of Florida
1983                           Dale E. Bitter, Seaboard System Railroad
1984                           Boyd W. Fink, The Charter Co.
1985                           James H. Rogers, III, Royal Services, Inc.
1986                           Tommy L. Riggs, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida
1987                           Lynne Ashmead, Seaboard System Railroad
1988                           Charles McDonald, St. Johns River Power Park
1989-90                      Joan McCarthy, Winn Dixie Stores, Inc.
1991                            Richard Hamilton, CSX Transportation
1992                            Anton Kronenburg, City of Jacksonville                          
1993                            James M. Dineen, Barnett Banks, Inc.
1994                            John M. Rooks, Lynch Management, Inc.
1995                            Edward Schoenberger, Atlantic Marine, Inc.
1996                            Carla Griffin, Barnett Banks, Inc.
1997                            John R. Phelps, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc.
1998                            Kimberly L. Rigsby, CSX Corporation
1999                            Brian Knerr, ARM, Modis Professional Service, Inc.
2000                            Ellen Rice, Jacksonville Electric Authority
2001-02                       Paul Hunter, Florida Rock Industries, Inc.
2002-03                       William Markey, Rayonier, Inc.
2004                            Rebecca Roberts, Seastar Lines, Inc. 
2005                            John Ward, The St. Joe Company
2006-07                       Sharon Abraham, Acosta, Inc. 
2008-09                       Deborah Tauro, CSX Transportation
2010-11                       Edwin Pierce, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Inc.
2012-13                       Robert Gofourth, Insite Managed Solutions
2014-15                       David Ford, Duval County School Board
2016                            Cecilia Ford, VyStar Credit Union
2017-18                       Twane Duckworth, City of Jacksonville
2019-20                       Ann Willis, City of Jacksonville
2020-21                       Vanessa McMillan, The Haskell Company
2022-Present               Deborah Tauro, Diocese of St. Augustine