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The council is a panel assembled to oversee and coordinate RIMS Student Outreach Programs and Membership. Its responsibilities are:

  • To continually seek ways to engage, recruit, maintain and administer student outreach programs and RIMS student membership.

  • To develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with academic organizations related to the insurance and risk management field, (e.g. Gamma Iota Sigma, ARIA), through attendance at their annual conferences and speaking engagements, and their attendance at the RIMS annual conference, and joint programs and mutual support.
  • To develop, coordinate, and administer a RIMS Student Mentor program between RIMS members and students;

  • To provide ongoing guidance to RIMS in the areas that effect students - such as membership categories and career center; Student E-Groups, chat rooms, online Q&A events, student social networking board; and professional development.
  • To develop, coordinate and administer a Student Track at the annual RIMS conference. Strive to engage more students at the conference via focus group data gathering, communications and GIS interaction.
  • To encourage chapter student involvement and support chapter involvement by the development and administration of student programs, idea exchanges and communications.
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