Committees represent, involve, and serve members, as well as provide an important training ground for future leaders in the risk profession. Committees are an effective work force for RIMS, as they ensure group participation in problem solving and provide a forum for the many interests within the Society.


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Annual Conference Programming Committee  

RISKWORLD Annual Conference Programming Committee (ACPC) plays a key role in the success of the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition. Members of the committee evaluate, select, and provide coordination for conference education.

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Audit Committee  

The Audit Committee reviews, analyzes and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the financial well being of the Society. The committee also selects and acts as the Board's liaison with independent auditors, verifies the sufficiency and implementation of the Society's policies, procedures and internal controls.

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Board of Directors  

The governing body of the Society is the Board of Directors.
The Board establishes Society policy and monitors implementation
of policy by the Society’s employed staff under the direction of the
Chief Executive Officer.

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Exhibits Advisory Council  

The RIMS Exhibits Advisory Council addresses issues concerning the Exhibit Hall and is responsible for recommending policies and procedures to RIMS to improve the quality and value of the exhibition. Members of the Exhibits Advisory Committee are nominated by exhibitors.

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Finance Committee  

The Finance Committee reviews, analyzes and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the financial well being of the Society. In this role, it oversees the annual budgets and presents it to the Board for approval.

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International Council  

The International Council is made up of professionals with international risk management experience assembled to identify global trends impacting risk management and to ensure that RIMS offers globally relevant products, content, and services. The Council is responsible for providing globally focused tools, content, educational offerings, products, and services to a growing international risk management sector.

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Member and Chapter Engagement Committee  

The Member and Chapter Services (M&CS) Committee of the Risk and Insurance Management Society supports the development of an international network of members and chapters by identifying member needs. The M&CS committee is responsible for the review of existing RIMS resources including products, programs, and services while also serving as beta testers for new programs and/or technology that the Society is seeking to incorporate. The Committee also serves as the arbiter for the Chapter Awards Program in which it accepts, reviews, and determines award winners. In addition, M&CS oversees and finalizes alterations to the nominating and selection process. As a whole, the Committee is chiefly tasked with creating and identifying member and chapter benefits while promoting community value to the larger RIMS membership.

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Nominating and Governance Committee  

The Nominating and Governance Committee identifies, recruits, and formally nominates Society members to serve on the Board of Directors. The Committee also (1) oversees the orientation and training of new Board members, (2) assists with the development of Board members during their terms of service, (3) reviews and recommends modifications, as appropriate, to the Society’s governance structure, committee structure, and governance documents, including the bylaws and governance polices, and (4) considers other governance issues that arise, and makes appropriate recommendations to the Board.

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RIMS Canada Council  

The RIMS Canada Council (RCC) is a standing committee of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS). The RCC addresses the strategic initiatives of RIMS and risk management issues in Canada.
Each of the ten Canadian RIMS chapters elects a board member to be their representative to the RCC. The chairs of the RCC's three subcommittees, the National Education Committee (NEC), the National Conference Committee (NCC) and the Communications and External Affairs Committee (CEA) also attend RCC meetings.

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RIMS DEI Chapter Ambassador Forum  

Welcome to the RIMS DEI Chapter Ambassador Forum!
This forum was created to be a safe space for DEI Chapter Ambassadors and members of RIMS DEI Advisory Council to connect, share best practices, resources, and to support one another on their DEI journey.
We encourage you to post questions, seek advice, share upcoming DEI-related events and Engage!

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RIMS Public Policy Committee  

The RIMS Public Policy Committee promotes and supports risk management by analyzing legislative, regulatory and legal issues; recommending policy and viewpoints for RIMS; providing sound risk management responses to these issues and educating members on how these issues will affect their industry and/or profession.

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RIMS-CRMP Certification Commission  

The Commission provides oversight of and ensures that the RIMS-CRMP meets and maintains best industry practices in credentialing. The Commission aids in establishing and implementing policies related to granting, maintaining, renewing and suspending, withdrawing, and expanding and reducing the scope of the certification. Members of the Commission may also serve on various subcommittees such as Nominating, Ethics, Exam Development and Appeals.

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Standards and Practices Council  

To actively engage in the development and revisions of any and all risk management standards and practices. These activities may include creation, support, coordination, leadership and promotion of national and international standards, best practices, research projects, and articles pertaining to the risk management discipline.

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Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management Council  

The Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management Council (SERMC) is organized to provide
leadership on strategic and enterprise risk management (SRM and ERM) research, practices, topics and
issues, in alignment with RIMS’ vision, affiliations and partnerships. The SERMC is comprised of RIMS
members, academics, strategists, consultants and other practitioners who are experienced with strategic
and enterprise risk management and related issues.

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