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How We Beat the "Blue Monday" Blues at Sac Valley RIMS


January 2017's Sac Valley RIMS Meeting

On Monday, January 30th, 46 Members of RIMS Sac Valley Beat the Blue Monday Blues!

RIMS professionals met at PRIDE Industries on Monday, January 30th and were treated to a tour of its impressive Roseville facility.

Immediately following the tour, we heard from our super speaker:  Phillip Walls, RPh Chief Clinical Officer, myMatrixx

Phil spoke about "The Aging Workforce and Prescription Cascades: A Prescription for Disaster".

Prescription cascades occur when side effects of one medication are treated by another medication. Since all medications cause side effects, this common approach leads to overutilization of drugs. The most common categories of patients to experience this phenomenon are both aging patients and injured workers. Therefore, as more seniors remain in the workforce, the risk of prescription cascades increases. And as additional drugs are prescribed for an injury it becomes clear that the primary cause of the patient’s complaints are the drugs they are taking. This session outlines how to effectively decrease both their symptoms and the number of drugs they need.

Following this informative discussion, we went to Top Golf in Roseville for fun and networking:




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