Nomniation Form

Director –  Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing the activities of the Chapter, and meet regular to discuss Chapter business, including but not limited to programming, scholarship programs, meeting planning and other operational issues. 

President –The Chapter President is the chief executive officer of the Chapter and is responsible for providing leadership and motivation to all chapter members.  The President is also responsible for assuring that the chapter operates in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws, RIMS Constitution and Bylaws and conducts business in accordance with the laws of jurisdiction in which it is located. Typically, the President carries out the following function:  
                   * Supervises all chapter business and activities 
 * Serves as the Chapter’s official spokesperson 
 * Calls Chapter board meetings and prepares board meeting agendas 
 * Presides at Chapter meetings and Chapter board meetings 
 * Reports regularly to chapter members, at meetings and monthly newsletters 
 * Appoints committee chairpersons and committee members 
 * Receives officer and committee reports

Vice President – The office of Chapter Vice President is typically a stepping stone to the Presidency.  Duties will vary depending upon the number and scope of Committees a Chapter has.  Overall, the Vice President  is responsible for assisting the President in coordinating and directing committee activities and chapter operations.  Traditionally, the Vice President has also been the Program Committee Chairperson, responsible for arranging educational programs for all Chapter meetings with the assistance of their Committee, the other Officers and the Board of Directors.  The Vice President also performs duties assigned by the President, and assumes the President’s role in the President’s absence.   

Secretary – The Secretary is usually assigned the following responsibilities: 

* Records and prepares minutes of the Board and other business meetings 
* Distributes minutes to all Board members following approval by the President 
* Record all official actions of the Chapter 
* Notifies all chapter members and RIMS National office of chapter  officer / director /
   committee chair changes 

* Receives the Nominating Committee Report for the election of Chapter Officers from
   the Nominating 
Committee, and relays that report to the Board of Directors within 
   the time frame specified by the bylaws  

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have general supervision of financial operations of the Chapter and shall supervise the receipt, deposit, investment and disbursement of all monies held in the name of the Chapter.  Other duties typically performed by the Treasurer:
 * Maintenance, reconciliation, preparation and publication of all financial records, including
    checkbook register, income statement, balance sheet, golf outing income statement; 
 * Payments of all chapter expenses including meetings expenses, scholarship expenses and other
 * Management of investments and monitoring of cash flow to maximize interest income; 
 * Working with Chapter Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs to prepare the annual budget for
    the Chapter Board of Directors; 
 * Preparation and filing of federal income tax returns; 
 * Preparation and filing of State of Wisconsin Annual Report; 
 * Receive golf outing reservations and payments and work with golf outing committee; 
 * Maintain chapter membership information, and verify with RIMS Nationals for accurate billing of
    chapter dues.