Top 10 Reasons You May Need a New RMIS

By Bob Morrell posted 04-24-2009 06:13 PM

10. My implementation took over a year.

9. My reports take hours to run.

8. "That Feature will be out in our next release."  - RMIS Vendor

7. "Oh... You wanted the report in January......of this year?" – RMIS Vendor

6. My reports don't balance, and never have.

5. Every new feature is a $25,000 upgrade.

4. "Your customer service representative has left... please fill out this web form we will respond whenever."  - RMIS Vendor

3. "Our development team has also been laid off... there isn't a form to fill out because the person who creates forms is now gone." – RMIS Vendor

2. Your RMIS account representative emailed you to ask for your email address.

1. Your RMIS vendor has changed  CEO's  more times than product upgrades.