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  • RIMS President's Corner: ROAD TO RESILIENCE

    It is an incredible honor to lead the global risk community and to be able to give back to the profession that has provided so much for me.  As I take a moment to reflect on the tremendous work of the RIMS leaders before me, I am blown away by their passion ... read more

    RIMS, the risk management society®, today announced that Jennifer Santiago will lead the Society as president for the 2023 term, effective January 1.    Ms. Santiago is the Director, Risk Management & Safety at Wakefern Food Corp., the largest ... read more

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  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    We use Onit - (Onit.com) and a subsidiary of it Simple Legal. We've incorporated Docusign into it as well. It has formalized what had been a somewhat haphazard process. It now routes contracts, MSAs, SOWs, etc. through the various stakeholders in the ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    I've typically used a GRC tool and utilize contract management as part of the Third Party Risk Management process. It captures workflows, business owners, all pertinent dates, COIs and any other compliance items needed. They also attach all contracts ...

  • I appreciate you posting. Sorry for the delay in responding. I'll get in touch with you right away. Flappy Bird ------------------------------ Evelyn Jefferson Venusystems New York United States ------------------------------

  • I want to model a hole that allows 40% of the flow to pass through while blocking the remaining 60% since I'm trying to mimic a car park grille with a smaller free space. Applying porous material or using another approach to stop the passage through was ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Hello, My organization is a global manufacturer. We currently use an internal SharePoint site to manage our contracts (both customer and supplier) but have outgrown this process. We are looking for recommendations around: Contract Management software ...

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