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    Dear: Does anyone know or have seen COVID-19 statistics broken down by Industry? Or do you know if there are published statistics for the Construction Industry or Cement Industry? For example: Contagion rate; fatality rate, testing capabilities, ...

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    RE: impact

    The Covid-19 outbreak is affecting supply chains and disrupting manufacturing operations around the world, especially in China, other parts of Asia, Europe and the US. The most vulnerable companies are those which rely heavily or solely on factories in ...

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    How does Covid-19 impact oil and gas supply chains? ------------------------------ Stanley Kongnetiman Sr. Market Intelligence & Business Analytics Advisor, Risk & Assurance Husky Energy Inc. Calgary AB Canada ------------------------------

  • ​I strongly agree with Scott's thoughts and direction. I am happy to help with sample release/waiver forms. Please remember if you pay volunteers or sometimes even reimburse expenses, you might magically turn them into "employees." In IL and some states, ...

  • I would say that general (public) liability insurance matters as even volunteer organizations / non-profit entities can be sued for bodily harm or property damage to the community they intend to serve.   If the volunteer organization / non-profit entity ...

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