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    In response to a report issued by the Insurance Bureau of Canada National Commercial Insurance Task Force (IBC), the RIMS Canada Council (RCC)voiced its approval for recommendations for more risk management education for consumers, as well as for organizations to strengthen ... read more
  • RIMS President's Corner: The Right Direction

    For far too long we have been cooped up in our homes. We’ve had to learn new ways to work, collaborate, network and learn remotely. While many parts of the world are still overwhelmed by the global pandemic, we are seeing signs that a return to normalcy ... read more

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  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Hi Vicki, There are a number of emerging vendor assessment services that now will give you a quantified assessment of your company's dollar and cents exposure to third-party vendor given that specific vendors scope of work. I've attached a sample Vendor ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    My safety manager works with the broker fire protection consultant to mange the recommendations.   We have bi-monthly meeting with the engineering and maintenance team to review them and will involve them in discussions too with the insurers.   They know ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Hi Laurie, Your assessment is correct. Most companies indemnify (and advance) loss of the individual directors and officers . . . when they are able to do so.  The two contexts where most worry that indemnification may not be available are (I) derivative ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Please join us for the Atlanta RIMS Annual Meeting and Virtual Luncheon. During the annual meeting, we will be voting on the slate for the 2021 - 2022 Atlanta RIMS Board of Directors.  Please join us for the first installment of our new DE&I series, ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Would you like to help young people find careers in an industry you love, while helping the industry fill the talent gap? If so, we're hiring an Executive Director of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Program at the University of Colorado Denver. ...

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