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    Risk professionals at all levels and responsibilities in the United States experienced an average 12.6% base salary increase in 2021 compared to 2019, while Canadian practitioners experienced an average 15.9% increase in the same period, according to ... read more
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    Courage was on full display over the past couple of years.  From healthcare professionals risking their lives for others, to frontline workers showing up to ensure our communities had access to the goods and services they needed and business leaders who ... read more

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    Hi Ondrea, I just sent you my info. Thank you! Kelly ------------------------------ Kelly Rossi Risk Manager BD San Diego CA United States ------------------------------

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    Kelly -  I don't want to share our branded form across all of Opis - but happy to email directly to you for your reference - can't find a way to connect directly - so if you'll email me at omatthews@coorstek.com I'll flip it your way.  thanks! ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi, everyone. I was wondering what everyone's temperature was on attending the National Conference in person this year and if there are fellow multi-family risk managers out there who would like to get together both there and on a regular basis to share ...

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    Here is the 2021 Redhand RMIS report ------------------------------ Ginny Penzell Director, Risk Management EOG Resources, Inc. Houston, Texas USA ------------------------------

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    We retain this at the corporate level. ------------------------------ Heather Pegram Manager, Global Insurance Risk Hanesbrands Inc. Winston Salem NC United States ------------------------------