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  • RIMS 2020 Cancelled - Urgent Message

    March 16, 2020   To Our Community, For the first time in the Society’s 70-year history, it is with a heavy heart that RIMS regretfully must cancel its 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibition. We can’t express enough how grateful we are for your ... read more

    hile Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation (FVWC) stand-alone policies still originate from the United States, it is important to note that this necessary coverage is not just for U.S. travelers, according to RIMS new professional report titled,“Demystifying Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation.”   The ... read more

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  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    My company is able to continue some operations during the Pandemic and we have had a lot of scenarios come up that I am finding it difficult to get direction on.  Does anyone one here have recommendations to any of the scenarios presented below?   ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Hi Emily, Good post. From a business continuity and crisis management perspective - I have found the "Checklist" resources particularly useful.  In my experience, I have often used these checklist and adapted them to be specific to our business.  As ...

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  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Due to the popularity of the Subject, Material and Presenter, we are offering the Seminar on Korea's Response to COVID-19 a second time to members of RIMS at no cost on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 @ 8PM-10PM (EST).  The details on the seminar can be found ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    As risk professionals we receive heavy outreach from brokers, insurers, law firms, consultants, and other partners and service providers, urging us to visit their C-19 resource sites.  Their efforts are not in vain.  I have explored and taken advantage ...

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  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Kate, I too attended and I agree with your comment. Were you able to get a copy of the recorded webinar? I recorded it however there is no audio. I would like to share it with a few key staff members. ------------------------------ Jennifer Gonzales ...

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