Risk Management in Modern Technology

By Chris Pentago posted 07-09-2013 08:24 AM


Here’s the deal.

We’re all proud owners of internet goodies like cloud storage, email accounts, music streaming services etc..

My primary concern is how much those services (people in charge) care about our data and what are the risks of them being lost, accidentally destroyed or even used against their clients in some cases?

Services I have in mind are simple, used every day by millions:


Having in mind that risk management is usually one side game (e.g. protecting the company) and that they’re try to disclose themselves from anything of bad publicity, what actions regular user of those services can take in order to get settled in case of something goes haywire and all business stuff vanish with no trace?

I have an exact case of my former hosting company (wont mention names because they do not deserve any publicity at all, incompetent bastards) where all my stuff including: agency website, huge databases, years of documents in storage were lost due to “huge disaster” on their end.

Loss we as a company suffered was also huge disaster.

Recently, Australia adopted cloud computing strategy and concluded the deal with major special IT services providers which had to guarantee safety and security of data stored on their servers. Some of them have infrastructure so big that seems impossible for something not to be backed up at least couple of times.

Being government agency, this is important due to fact that amount of classified/sensitive/important data we operate with must stay intact and safe from failure and ultimately loss.

Personally, I was convinced and decided to take my personal server (which I use to host my blog and couple of friend sites) to Ninefold as I have tons of confidence in their service due to fact that agency I work for relies on it too.

Any technology involved risk management experts here to shed some light on this problematic area?

Thanks for reading.