INS 100 at RIMS 2009

By David Dolnick posted 04-02-2009 04:26 PM

A bit more about our Certificates of Insurance session at the upcoming RIMS Conference and Exhibition in Orlando.

This is a basic session, hence the 100 series session number.  Our purpose is to provide some information about the issues that surround certificates, to talk a bit about what they are and, perhaps more importantly, what they are not.  We'll go into some of the endorsements that are frequently required to be referenced on the certificate, will discuss the drafting and/or reviewing of insurance requirements, take a look at some of the special policy language that may be required, and look at how to manage the process of distributing and storing the certificates a bit. 

More experienced Risk Managers may find some nuggets here, but this session is geared toward both the non-practitioner and to the newer Risk Management employee, or to those who are looking for general and pretty fundamental information on these important components of the Risk Management process. It's a good place to pick up some foundational information, or to ask some basic questions about these key tools of ours. 

We've got some highly experienced Risk Managers teaching this session, so we hope we can see some of you there and help address your concerns or questions.