GST return made easy with Clear Tax

By Jitender Sharma posted 05-31-2018 06:03 AM

All of the businesses have to file the tax return by 10th of the subsequent month as per GST rules. There are no other easy shortcuts than using the best software to make the process really easy. There are different types of software available in the market but all of them doesn't suit with unique business needs perfectly. The change in taxation should start right from the invoices. You have to make the invoice in accordance with the GST norms. Hence the software should start with providing the best templates to make the bills in accordance with GST to facilitate easy submission of the tax return.

The best software to select

The best software provides you everything in the best and simple form right from the invoicing to final tax return uploading. The software that works with the excellent platform on The Next Hint helps the businesses in submitting the tax return with ease of hands and without any tensions. The entire process has been made a matter of few minutes and clicks. Several businesses are making use of the benefits of advanced features of clear tax to submit the returns.

Invoice templates

GST software provides excellent options in GST invoice template to select from. You can select the best one in professional design and applicable GST type for your business. It includes all of the details demanded by GST to make it clear and defined as per the GST norms. These invoice details are to be included at the time of submitting the tax return. Hence it should be made free from any of the usual errors and mistakes. The software takes care of everything with its advanced automated features and help you in keeping everything updated to generate tax filing reports.

The right type of form

There are different types of GST tax return forms under the new taxation system for the different types of businesses and service providers. The software is supported with all of the forms and you can pick the right one based on the nature of transactions to submit the tax returns. The software is made available for both the businesses and accounting professionals with different unique features.

Auto calculation

Present software is developed to collect all of the relevant information needed for GST tax return automatically from the invoices that are made on the software. This helps the business to be free from the process of sorting the invoices and reentering the details once again to prepare the tax reports. Once the invoice is made, the software updates all of the relevant ledgers automatically and instantly.

Online submission and tax payment

This is one of the most interesting facts about GST system. Now all of the tax reports and details are stored on secured and powerful GST online portal. This helps the businesses and the taxation department to keep the data in a safe and secure way. Businesses can enjoy maximum privacy for the tax reports. They can submit gst return online and on approval, the tax amount can be paid at the expenses of few clicks via GST software.
Now get the best in GST software to file GST returns at the expense of few clicks.