Financial benefits of ERM- Zurich session on Monday 3:30-5pm - Linda Conrad

By Linda Conrad posted 04-18-2009 09:55 PM


Learn how ERM can help Risk Managers improve their company’s finances by seeing how Zurich uses ERM to make better decisions and access credit at more favorable rates at the strategic session, "Can risk management services and solutions actually improve your organization's finances?" on April 20 at 3:30 p.m. in room 204BC.

At the session, Zurich representatives will explain some of the global risks facing businesses, like supply chain and other business interruption risks. Using GLORAM, an interactive tool used to facilitate a risk managers understanding of global issues and education, Zurich helps its customers identify risks on an individual country level and then helps them mitigate their supply chain risks and other global exposures. We'll also share additional information and methodologies to show the real-world value of ERM.

You'll learn how ERM is enhancing our customers' ability to experience the same positive results we've seen, such as accessing credit at more favorable rates, which is a big advantage in turbulent times. Especially since rating agencies are now considering ERM when determining creditworthiness and financial strength.

After you attend this session, you'll understand why Zurich's ERM is so popular.


· Axel Lehmann – Group Chief Risk Officer, Zurich Financial Services

· Daniel Hofmann – Group Chief Economist, Zurich Financial Services

· Armand Fernandez – North America Chief Risk Officer, Zurich in North America

· Linda Conrad – Director of Strategic Business Risk, Zurich in North America