How to Know When It’s Time for A Website Redesign

By Robert Lear posted 02-25-2020 10:26 PM


A company website has become an integral part of running a business regardless of whether it is digital or based in a brick and mortar building. Therefore, companies have faced the responsibility of continually optimizing the website and keeping it up to date. 

With regular updates and tech advancements in the digital world, there comes a time when a site doesn’t need a minor facelift only but a complete website redesign. Although that is true, it is difficult to tell when you should redesign the site you use. To take you out of your misery, here are 5 pointers on when it is time for a website redesign.

When the site takes longer to load

Websites that take long to load can be detrimental to the business, so they need to be redesigned with immediate effect. 

Hire the best Kansas City web design company to help you choose a responsive theme that will take a shorter period of time to load and optimize it for performance. 

The web developer will gauge the performance of the site by using tools that test the loading speed of website pages. If the majority of the site takes long to load, consider redesigning it to be optimized for speed.

The website isn’t mobile-friendly

Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly by lowering them on search engine results pages. Due to that, Kansas City SEO company highly recommends that you redesign your website when there are signs that it is not mobile-friendly. 

Check the site with different mobile devices to identify how it looks on different screen sizes and browsers. If there are apparent distortions to the pictures, text or if the screen seems stretched, that can serve as a sign that you need to change the website.

Rebranding the company

At some point, a company may feel the urge to change its logo, tagline or get a new color scheme. Various reasons could inspire that decision, for example, when a company changes its product or service offers. 

There are several reasons companies choose to rebrand - introducing a new line of products, going green, starting a new vertical, etc. In this case, companies should also redesign their website and include the new logo or use the latest chosen color scheme. Ensure that the redesigned site reflects the new brand and what it stands for.

The competition has redesigned their sites

Businesses that are in competition are always racing to be the better company in all respects. That includes the appearance and the functionality of the website that you use for business purposes. It always has to be better than what your competitors have and when they redesign their websites, it might be an indicator that you should too. 

Customers will opt for more modernly designed websites instead of archaic designs that aren’t very appealing nowadays. In this case, you should follow the trend, when others are concerned about redesigning, also consider making the same call.

Time spent on site is decreasing

The time customers spend on the site is very important because you have invested a lot of money into developing it for them. Time spent on a site also improves the ranking and results in increased sales for your business. When the time they spend alarmingly decreases, that would defeat the purpose of the site’s existence and will lower your Return on Investment. 

When this happens, you need to take immediate action of redesigning the website to appeal to the audience better. To determine the amount of time spent on the site, some tools can help with analytical data. For example, Google Analytics can help you know the bounce rate and how many pages were opened per session.

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