Hope for IVF Treatment as Costs Become More Affordable

By Robert Lear posted 05-11-2020 10:07 AM


Couples in the past have often been left without hope due to the prohibitively high costs of fertility treatments and IVF. Times have changed as certain top clinics have fine-tuned their expertise, protocols and treatments. 

Lower costs are the result, which element is used to distinguish certain IVF treatment centers from others. Childless couples can also rely on some medical insurance benefits to take up the slack of costs in some instances, making their dreams of having a biological child more of a reality.

New monetary refund should IVF treatment fail

New business strategies at renowned IVF treatment clinics are now attracting new patients with an innovative strategy. Should your IVF treatment fail, your money will be refunded, enabling you to afford a second session of fertility treatment. 

Terms and conditions do apply, and a second round of IVF should only be undertaken if medically recommended as a viable course of action. IVF success stories are set to increase due to this new strategy as more couples take advantage of this offer. 

Average IVF treatment cycles in the U.S. range from $12,000 to $15,000. Individual costs will differ due to the range of tests, medications, and results revealed from thorough medical examinations. Speak to your specific treatment center or source one that does offer a money-back guarantee should your treatment fail. 

Some clinics offer IVF treatment specials to cover 3 rounds of treatment at a special price to reduce financial stress. Find out more about what guarantees you can leverage from services, which vary between states and individual circumstances. Ultimately, treatment packages are available but are reliant on specific situations.

What some clinics offer in terms of cost reductions

Certain IVF clinics provide costing based on the outcome. Certain costs such as blood tests, laboratory fees, embryo transfer, ultrasound and egg retrieval will be included in the overall price. 

Others such as medication to enhance fertility, additional procedures such as sperm injection or retrieving immature eggs for lab maturation and genetic test costs will not form part of refundable fees, in the case of IVF failure. 

Details depend on the specific clinic approached, so individual research is necessary to ascertain which clinics offer this kind of refund.

Cost estimations per individual IVF case

A medical team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your health and that of your partner. Following receipt of test results, the fertility care team will calculate an estimate of the costs involved to achieve a successful treatment resulting in a healthy baby. Several options will be presented to you, together with alternate methods of payment. 

Patients can then discuss their choices and make a joint or individual decision to go ahead with IVF or otherwise. Contact your nearest top IVF clinic for a consultation so that you can make an informed evaluation about your potential to become a parent.

Recent infertility directive in New York

Recent reports suggest that 50% of New York residents qualify to receive insurance cover for IVF. Individuals will need to examine their specific medical insurance benefits to determine precisely what IVF cost benefits will be covered by their plan. 

Should you have taken out self-insurance, your plan is regulated by federal law rather than the state. If you are one of those people who has elected to take out self-insurance, the New York directive will not apply to you. 

You can still speak to individual clinics to determine their pricing options, and whether these provide for refunds. Overall, IVF treatment is within closer to reach to more people, enabling them to have the families they’ve always dreamed about.