Why a Restoration Company and Not DIY is The Right Solution after a Disaster

By Robert Lear posted 08-10-2020 11:41 AM


Flood and fire disasters leave behind a catastrophic scene that can be confounding to the homeowner. The sheer magnitude of destruction can be overwhelming with serious cost implications. 

The first thing that comes to mind is the cleanup of the mess left behind and the restoration of the damaged parts. A homeowner may attempt to do this for lack of resources or as a matter of choice, but he or she may not achieve good results. 

Calling in the experts after a flood disaster, for instance, could be a good idea for a professional cleanup and report for the insurance claim.

Insurance accreditation

Insurance coverage is very important to a homeowner for quick recovery after any disaster, be it fire or flood damage. In most cases, insurance companies have professional restoration contractors they collaborate with for disaster intervention. 

They will not only give you a top-quality restoration job but one that meets the standards and cost of the insurance company. To ensure full support from your insurance company, ask their recommended restoration company to clean up and restore after the disaster.

All-round competency

Professional Kansas City water removal service is competent in all types of disaster damage mitigation and know what to do once they take up the job. This relieves the homeowner from the stress related to the huge task of cleaning and restoration. 

After a thorough assessment, they will draw up a work plan and budget acceptable to the insurance company if you have coverage for the particular disaster, or if not agree on this with you. Once agreed, they will move onto the site to complete restoration and hand over the home within the agreed time.

Appropriate equipment

Reputable restoration companies have invested adequately in proper equipment and modern technology to handle disaster cleanups and restoration. Using this advanced equipment and technology, they can carry out a proper assessment of the damage and give accurate estimates of time and funds required for the job according to industry standards. 

No matter the damage, they have equipment for smoke cleaning, asbestos abatement, flood debris cleaning, and mold removal services, among many others.

They maximize the use of resources

Restoration companies are true to their name and do not simply discard everything in your ruined home. To save you from further expenses, they retrieve and reuse parts that are still in good working condition while repairing others for the same purpose. 

This reduces replacement costs and you only buy new material where it is necessary. Restoration professionals have the capacity and technology to salvage and reuse material that a DIY effort cannot achieve.

Industry certification

Professional restoration companies invest heavily in staff training and competency in line with industry standards. They ensure their technical staffs have proper and current industry certifications for the areas of their specialization to render competent and quality service. 

Most companies belong to professional oversight authorities that regulate industry standards, ensuring quality and high standards for customers. This also ensures professional responsibility for the works they do and a dissatisfied homeowner can file a claim against them in the event of shoddy work for compensation.

Safety guarantee

A homeowner will be apprehensive about the safety of the home, especially after a major disaster. Engaging a professional restoration company to clean and restore your home comes with a guarantee of safety after the work completion and hand over. 

The restoration company will issue a certificate of safety compliance and confirm that the restored house conforms to health, municipal, and industry standards.