How to Optimize Your Online Pet Store’s SEO Ranking

By Robert Lear posted 09-09-2020 10:04 PM


Online stores thrive on site traffic for the generation of leads and conversions. Your eCommerce pet store’s website is not different and you will want to optimize it to attract higher traffic for better business. 

The focus should be on ways that can boost the web site’s chances of featuring at #1 on SERPs for better CTR and sales. For this, you will want to work on your site’s search engine optimization to help crawlers pick your site easily in searches. 

Link building

Off-page links make a great difference in the ranking of pages by search engines and they are a big advantage for your online pet store. Search engines use these links to discover new pages on the web and that is how they will access yours upon launch. 

Creating links for a new business may not be easy and the best alternative is to use pet guest post packages or services from, an online guest post services site. 

Guest posts have valuable links that are SEO optimized for your pet store and can help attract traffic as you create more. These links will also increase the chances of higher ranking in SERPs for the site page.

Keyword research

Keywords are the lifeline of search engine optimization and you need extensive keyword research with a focus on pet products to select the most ideal. Your research should include competitors’ pages to give you an idea of how best to build yours for uniqueness. For the eCommerce store, you will need to list all pages on your site and map the right keywords to each page.

Keep in mind that for the pet store, you will have a category page, for example, the clothing/bedding and the product page, for instance, fleece blankets. Have appropriate keywords for each of these pages.

Prioritize the pages

An eCommerce store can have numerous pages and mapping the right keywords for each page can be a daunting task. However, not to feel overwhelmed, consider prioritizing your pages by starting with the most important first and working your way down the line while the site is up.

Once you identify the most important pages to optimize first, find the best head keyword and a couple of other long-tail variations and map to each page. Key takeaway; optimize your keywords for the right search intent.

Optimize on-page SEO

To optimize your on-page SEO, consider customizing your titles and meta descriptions, and resist the temptation to use eCommerce platform generated templates. 

Using templates will not set your pet store apart from the multitude online and ranking in such a crowd is near impossible. Give priority for customization of your key pages to gain a ranking advantage, even if you will use templates for hundreds of other pages.

As you optimize your on-page SEO, remember proper use of the primary keyword, long-tail variations, CTA, and your unique selling proposition (USP) to enhance your click-through rate. You might want to test this further by adding product prices. 

Customize and optimize your URLs

URLs are the key to your website, without which your customers will not be able to find you. To achieve this, use permalinks that are easy and simple to read with high clarity. Write SEO-friendly URLs that are short, concise, and precise, while at the same time, they include your head keyword.

Define the page hierarchy and context clearly and strictly use hyphens to separate words. Remember, your URL should have category/subcategory/sub-sub category/product page(s) to classify your pet products conveniently for a better customer experience that will encourage repeat visits.

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