Prioritizing Staff Health Safety at The Office

By Robert Lear posted 10-07-2020 10:02 PM


This year saw more and more people opting to work from home and for many companies, this is a viable option. But when your company cannot afford not to have office space, then the safety of the staff is of the utmost importance. 

Being the owner or the CEO of a company might be great and rewarding but it also comes with the added pressure of keeping your employees safe. When their health is not taken care of, it can end in terrible lawsuits. 

On the other hand, when you keep their health in mind, they also perform better at their work because it shows that you, as an employer, care about them. Here are some tips on ensuring the health of your staff at the office

Keep the surfaces clean

The world is full of germs and all sorts of microscopic nasties that float around. People bring these contaminants into the office from outside. Although it is not possible to keep a building 100% clear, one can put extra measures in place that the office is disinfected on a regular basis. 

Hand sanitizers can be placed on every desk, bathroom and hall space to ensure that there is always an option to clean one’s hands. At the end of every day, cleaning staff can come in and make sure that every surface is wiped or sprayed with a disinfectant to ensure that the.

Mask safety protocols

Although there is a lot that an employer can do to ensure the health safety of the employees, the employees themselves can also do their part. Face masks have become increasingly popular and with good reason. 

There are quality face masks for sale and companies like Optimally Organic produce organic and natural masks that last. These masks are made from durable, reusable cotton. One of the benefits of these masks is that they are very comfortable and light. If you are going to wear a face mask the whole day, it has to be as comfortable as possible.

Keep it breezy

Keeping your offices well-ventilated will ensure that germs do not hang around to be picked up by passersby. Depending on the size of the office and the number of people who work there, germs can spread quite easily if they are left to hang around. 

Airborne germs do not travel that far on their own, so they will stick to everything in their vicinity if they are not allowed to move about. 

Keeping windows open might invite other germs to pass through, so setting your HVAC to circulate the air and installing extra air purifiers will ensure that the air is as clean as can be.

Rotate staff

Although it might seem like a strange concept, in most cases, not everyone has to be at the office at the same time. Your office does not have to be packed and awfully staffed every day. There are tasks that people can do remotely and this will enable the staff to stay home and not potentially spread germs. 

On the other hand, when a staff member has finished a task that cannot be done elsewhere, then sending them home to work there also minimizes the spread of germs and viruses. 

Keep healthy snacks

If it is within your budget to do so, do your staff a favor and have healthy snacks available at the office. Diet is just as important to staff health as any other health and safety protocol that is put in place to minimize contact between people. 

In providing some immune-boosting snacks, your staff will be as healthy as can be and they will also not be ill as often.