Things Homeowners Shouldn't Delay Fixing

By Robert Lear posted 10-12-2020 12:49 PM


After you’ve been a homeowner for a while and you’re relaxed in your new role and around your new property, you might start letting certain things slide. You can see that the garage door, for example, doesn’t lock too tightly, and then postpone calling a Kansas City garage door repair company, creating yourself a security issue without knowing it.

That’s the thing with small, seemingly unimportant house repairs – they matter. Snowballing is something problems in the home are particularly good at. Stop paying attention to them for a couple of days, and you’ll get a bigger, nastier, more dangerous, and more expensive version of the problem. In that name, here are a couple of problems you should jump at as soon as you notice them appearing.


Yup, this is one problem that doesn’t get better with time. If you notice the telltale signs of having pests – mostly, pests themselves wandering around your home – your first reaction should be to call the exterminator. After you get yourself to safety, of course. But the longer you leave them the more they’ll procreate and the harder it will be to eventually remove them. And you want to remove them because they can do all sorts of damage to your property and, terrifyingly, you.

Water Leaks

Yet another home issue that doesn’t get better with time. Even if the source of the water damage miraculously disappears – which might happen especially if you live in an apartment building – that wet spot will soon become home to mold. Having mold in your home is never a good idea, as it does nothing good for you, but it can cause irritation, asthma attacks, and other respiratory issues. Take care of the leaks asap and fix whatever damage they’ve caused.

Damaged Shingles

Weather will, eventually, cause some damage to the roof of your house. It might be fine, you can think, as one shingle doesn’t matter that much, right? Wrong. Shingles are a part of a system. When the system becomes compromised, you can end up paying for the whole thing. And roof repair expenses are among the biggest expenses you can have in your house. So don’t delay. Get a roofer and repair any damage they come across before it spreads.

Issues with Wires

It doesn’t have to be something big when it comes to wires. You don’t have to see sparks all over your house when you turn on the toaster to notice that something might be wrong with the wiring. Simple loose wiring might with time cause problems. It also might not, but electricity isn’t one of those things when you can have your fingers crossed and live in the hope that everything will turn out for the best. Call an Overland Park electrician and address the issue sooner than later, because later it might be too late.

Pretty Much Everything Else

Okay, so a drawer that’s not sliding as smoothly as you’d like might not be a problem that will cause you to leave your home in panic in the middle of the night. But the whole home is filled with things that might and that are often a consequence of looking the other way for too long. Cleaning your gutters is that type of problem, as are cracks in the asphalt, or damaged hardwood floors, or cracked walls. All of these are causes for swift and decisive action.