SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2021

By Robert Lear posted 12-17-2020 06:28 PM


Okay, so the user has changed in mindset a lot, becoming radically more of the advocate for immediacy, uniqueness, and trustworthiness. We somehow think we can just flip over to 2021, as if 2020 was a normal year. It wasn’t, and we can’t. What the user needs now, more and more, after the trauma of last year, is the trustworthiness of your site.

If there was time to wander this way and that during 2020, which reflected much of the national consciousness, now it is a determined focus on searcher intent.

Guest post pointer

You can use a guest post on sites that allows it. Visit for technology guest post options and find out what are the best practices today. SEO algorithms change fast and now is not the time to take anything for granted so focus on link building as it’s one of the major ranking factors in Google.

The tech guest post can be used as a marker of what has changed. What are the trends in 2021 for SEO? Well, the heavy focus on keywords is essential. Providing the best quality ever on your post and in everything on your site is mandatory. Ranking above all else is the mantra that follows on naturally from these points.

Google Analytics

This may seem like an old hat to you, but its importance requires mention in 2021 trends. You know its track, and trace capabilities can be relied on, so then what do you know better than it doesn’t? This has been a common attitude, mistaken for genius, that needs discarding. GA is there for a reason. Rely upon it.

Look at where you are in terms of rankings and how you aim to improve on that in 2021. In many ways, the pandemic was a wake-up call for many things. A concentrated focus on SEO was one of them.

Competitive benchmarks

In 2021, find out before doing anything that your competitive benchmarks are and work out a strategy on how you are going to tackle the competition. Monitor keyword rankings, which are available for anyone to see, and you can get loads of information on that.

They offer valuable data on monitoring SEO performance. You can note where your competitors have an advantage for using keywords and use this data to make yourself more competitive.

SERP rankings vital

In 2021, you are spot on the ball. After a year of lunacy, users require immediacy and trustworthy knowledge. There must be keywords that lead them to this exact spot. Your competitors may be using (or rather should be using) procure-intent keywords. Check for blimps or jumps, following this keyword use, and find out what happened.

The following may have happened – their backlinks may have increased, their website was totally reconfigured, or maybe their page load time increased. These would be the most common reasons for an upward blimp. That’s why it is vital to track competitor activities and work on them.

SEO has evolved

SEO has become much more in taking first-party research, aside from keyword analytics, to heart. There could be hidden values within the research that were not considered. 2021 will see this change. As SEO becomes more pertinent, its discoveries will unlock procurement power more so than before.

Users may be expressing needs that they didn’t in 2020. You need to understand what they are and tackle them with immediacy. Your keywords and research will soon tell you if they are working or not. If you understand your customer the way you think you do, you will have no problem keeping the sharks – and there will be more than ever before – at bay.

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