How a Lasting Structural Stability Means Longer House Life

By Robert Lear posted 01-02-2021 02:27 AM


The architectural design of a house and the materials used in its construction determine how long the building will last. Most structural designers and building contractors will consider these two primary components before undertaking any housing project.

How functional a building is and how valuable its spaces are, are all connected to the longevity properties of the house. Some structures around the world are centuries old while others are millenniums old, all because of their structural stability. To achieve longevity, there are factors to consider. 

The structural design

How durable a building is will primarily be determined by how strong is the structural design. The shape of the building could mean the length of life the building can last. House structures come in all shapes and sizes. Structural designers believe that triangle shapes are the most stable and that’s why most roofs are triangular. 

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The building adaptability

How adaptable the building is means how well the building can cope with various degrees of changes in weather patterns, climatic change, corrosiveness, tremors, remodeling, and so on. Some buildings will not stand if a 2.1 magnitude tremor occurred while others can withstand earthquakes with 6.2 magnitudes. 

The century-old buildings have survived that much because they were highly adaptable and were never moved by storms, heavy rainfall, large snowfall, extreme heat, extreme cold, and so on. Such a building is structurally stable and their construction materials were quality. 

Type of building construction materials

The type of materials used to construct your house will determine its durability. There are different qualities of stone available in the market. If the building contractor uses poor stone quality, your building may only last a few decades. If the best choice of stone is selected, your house can stand for many centuries. 

Different wood qualities can also determine if your house will be lasting. Hardwood lasts long while softwood has a short lifespan. The method of curation could also play in the wood’s longevity. 

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The building site

You could use the best selection of building materials and have the best structural design, but if the site is faulty, your building might not last long. Several factors will affect the house site. 


Sandy soils are weak and could make your structural design weak due to sinking. On the other hand, if your building sits on a rock, you will be certain the building will last for many years. Black cotton soils are prone to cracking when it’s dry. 

Faults: If you build in a place prone to cracks in the earth as a result of earthquakes or old fault lines, you might not be sure how long your building can last. If the fault line expands by a few inches, your building could crumble easily. 

Services installations

Services include installations like pipe works, electrical installations, and technical installations. If the plumbing contractor does shoddy work that would lead to leakages, the building’s longevity will be compromised. 

If the electrical installations are faulty, the building could catch fire anytime and compromise its structural stability. All technical installations in the building must be done by experts to ensure the building stands strong for many years.