How Sidings Save Your House from Harsh Weather Conditions

By Robert Lear posted 05-09-2021 11:39 PM


Many homeowners today are installing siding in their homes to add beauty and value to their property. Siding is easy to install and is long-lasting, giving the homeowner value for money. The benefits of installing siding in your house exceed beauty and value addition. 

The material is useful in protecting your home from harsh weather like extreme cold, heat, strong winds, and heavy rainfall. When siding is installed by an expert, it can maintain its beauty and protect your house for more than 20 years. 

Siding protects your house from heat 

Naturally, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The side of your house that faces east and west gets more sunlight and heat every sunny day. Those two sides will wear faster due to heat than the other sides of your house. 

The wall paint on that side also fades out faster than the sides that receive more shade and stay cooler most of the day. Siding is made from strong PVC or fiber and cement and can withstand heat and direct sunlight more than most building materials. 

Having siding installed in your home by HX Home Solutions will help protect it from harsh heat and direct sunlight. The company is a top Chicago siding contractor and specializes in James Hardie Siding, which is made of fiber cement. The siding is highly durable, is fire resistant, requires minimal maintenance, resists storms, pests and does not fade away. 

Protection from storms and snow

Storms cause heavy rainfall, which can beat against your house and cause water to penetrate through the walls. On the other hand, snow causes the walls of your home to contract to the extreme. Heavy rains and snow accelerate the weathering process and can trigger repairs sooner than you had planned. 

Siding made from fiber or PVC is rain resistant and when heavy rains splash against the wall, the water drops to the ground without penetrating through. The material does not absorb heat or cold and therefore, it’s not affected by contraction and expansion. 

Moisture resistant 

Moisture retained in the walls can destroy your home within a short period. Several things can happen when moisture is retained in the walls of your home. It can penetrate through and destroy the interior painting on the wall forcing you to undergo another cost for repainting. 

The moisture can also penetrate through the wall and into the floor, destroying your flooring material, which will cost you money. The other thing that can happen when moisture builds in the walls is mold building up and hastening decomposition. 

Your solution will be to talk to the siding contractors in Chicago to install the best moisture-resistant siding so that your walls are kept safe. Siding is water and moisture resistant, meaning no water or moisture will not build in the wall of your home and cause all the above disadvantages. 

Sidings color is long-lasting 

The exterior paint of your house faces a lot of challenges due to weather changes. During heavy rains, the paint is gradually washed off and after several years, the paint begins to fade off or have uneven shades. When the sun is hot, the paint is not heat resistant and gets affected too. 

Home painting experts advise homeowners to repaint the walls every 7 years. The siding color is long-lasting and does not easily fade away. Experts estimate that high-quality siding can retain its beautiful color for 20 years. This is three times the expected lifespan of paint, meaning you save repainting money three times, adding to more than $100,000.