Supporting a call for stronger risk management practices in the Federal Government, RIMS, the risk management society®, and George Mason University’s Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) have teamed up to offer a series of workshops designed for federal employees and executives who are committed to building stronger risk management practices and more rewarding careers. The first in the series of workshops will be held on May 24-26, 2021.


    The workshops will be based on the RIMS-CRMP-FED (RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional Federal Government credential). The credential was developed by RIMS in collaboration with the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM) in response to the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-123 that urges federal agencies to implement enterprise risk management to enhance decision-making. The RIMS-CRMP-FED is a micro-credential of the RIMS-CRMP, the only accredited risk management certification in the world. It is also the only risk management credential that tests individuals on:


    1. Analyzing the Business Model
    2. Designing Organizational Risk Strategies
    3. Implementing the Risk Process
    4. Developing Organizational Risk Competency
    5. Supporting Decision-Making
    6. Understanding the Federal Government Risk Management Environment
    7. Risk Management Implementation in the Federal Government
    8. Risk Management Reporting in the Federal Government


    “A perfect storm of business-interrupting challenges has left many organizations asking themselves how they can better prepare for future uncertainties,” said RIMS CEO Mary Roth. “The RIMS-CRMP and the RIMS-CRMP-FED marks of achievement indicate to business and government leaders that their risk professionals are knowledgeable and qualified to not only navigate the next big disruption but also support rapidly evolving strategies. We are proud to partner with George Mason University and create a path for government risk professionals to earn this credential.”

    “Professional certifications and industry-backed micro-credentials like the RIMS-CRMP-FED can provide opportunities for individuals to grow in today’s rapidly changing business world,” said Marc Austin, Executive Director of Professional Education and Academic Ventures at Mason. “Anyone who makes decisions for their organization applies risk management thinking in their work, which is why we feel this training is so foundational. As such, we are excited to offer this credential to our regional professional community and, especially, the Mason network.”


    To register for the RIMS-CRMP-FED workshop at George Mason University visit To learn more about the RIMS-CRMP-FED credential  and view eligibility requirements, visit or contact the RIMS Client Services Team at