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Steps to Successful Risk Taking: Developing Effective Risk Appetite and Tolerance Statements

The RIMS Executive Report explores characteristics of a well-defined risk appetite statement and connecting such statements to strategy. It features real-world examples of various organizations' statements and the processes they used to implement them.

Author: Frank Fiorille, Robert Gould, Linda Conrad, Grace Crickette, Carol Fox
Date: April 5, 2016


    RIMS Executive Report: the Risks and Opportunities of Doing Business in the Middle East

    The newly released RIMS report explores the importance for risk professionals to administer appropriate measures of due diligence prior to embarking on business ventures in the region including assessing financial exposures, corruption, and compliance issues, cultural differences, and strategic partnerships.
    Author: Russ Banham
    Date: February 22, 2016


    Risk Taker vs. Risk Manager

    The report explores goals, responsibilities and the value of collaboration between those charged with pursuing new opportunities and risk professionals. Best practices from leading organizations offer strategies for risk pros to develop relationships with both strategic and operational stakeholders.
    Author: Jessica Wasserman
    Date: June 6. 2016

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