Internet Intelligence - How to Find, Manage and Use Online Information More Effectively

Starts:  May 3, 2012 08:00 AM (MT)
Ends:  May 4, 2012 04:00 PM (MT)
Associated with  Northern Alberta

The Edmonton and Northern Alberta ASIS Chapter #156 will be hosting a 2 day Internet Intelligence workshop at the MacEwan University Downtown Campus on May 3 & 4, 2012.

• Internet users view 7.2 billion pages per day on Google alone and it accounts of 65% of all Internet searches. But 95% of ‘hidden’ Deep Web information is publicly available and not subject to fees or subscriptions.

• Most people enter only two keywords into a single search engine and then never look past the top 10 results.

• When searching online, investigators do not find most of the relevant information they could use because they don’t know how to find it.

• Most online investigators and researchers ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ about online research and privacy.

Why Attend this Workshop

• While general Internet research may appear simple, the World Wide Web can be very difficult to navigate when searching for timely, accurate and actionable intelligence.

• Most online researchers are unaware of how complex the internet is, how much information they are missing and the risks they may be taking that could compromise their safety, integrity or privacy.

• Using a highly interactive and refreshing delivery style, this comprehensive workshop is aimed at investigative practitioners and knowledge workers at all levels.

• This is your chance to learn some of the hidden secrets that can make the difference between being just a web surfer and an effective online researcher.

What You Will Learn:

Day One
o Introduction to Internet Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

o Understanding how Search Engines Locate, Index and Rank Sites

o SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - Common Internet Marketing Practices

o Deconstructing Web Pages to Find Hidden Information

o Advanced Techniques for Using Search Engines Effectively

o "Meta" and "Mega" Search Tools

o Public Directories and Specialized Databases

o Maintaining Security and Protecting Privacy in the Networked World

o Maintaining Anonymity Online - How and When to Protect Your Online Identity

o Common Techniques to "De-anonymize" Internet Users

Day Two
o Determining the Physical Location of Websites and Internet Users

o Cataloguing and Organizing Web Based Documents

o Downloading and Archiving Internet Sourced Materials

o Mapping and Automatically Monitoring Websites of Special Interest

o Being Efficient Online - Using RSS Feeds and News Aggregators

o Advanced Forum, Discussion Board and Newsgroup Searching Techniques

o Making Sense of the Data - Introduction to the Intelligence Analysis Process

o Linking Sources and Targets – Learning to "Read Between the Lines"

o Strategies and Tactics for Developing an Efficient Research Plan

o Introduction to Web 2.0 and ‘user generated content’

o Using Blog, Wiki and Social Networking sites as tactical intelligence tools

o Additional Online Resources


Who Should Attend

This unique course is designed for anyone who wishes to use the internet more effectively for research, investigation, and information gathering. It will appeal in particular to:

• Corporate security professionals in banks, insurers and multinationals

• Fraud investigators, lawyers, accountants and analysts

• Competitive intelligence researchers

• Government and private sector investigators

• Law enforcement officers

• Knowledge workers and researchers

About Toddington International

Since 1997, Toddington International Inc. has worked at the forefront in the collection, analysis and dissemination of Open Source Intelligence gathered via Internet sources. We have innovated and succeeded in teaching our clients how to get the critical information they need, when they need it. Our training programs are developed using the wealth of experience we are constantly building upon, and our training is delivered in compelling formats for peak effect, focused on the specific needs of each client group.

With an unrivalled global reputation as a leader in the provision of Internet based OSINT training and support services and a client base ranging from government and law enforcement agencies to members of the Fortune 500. We train personnel how to use the Internet more effectively, to work smarter, and empower them to find better online information in less time, at less cost, with less risk™.

Our team of trusted associates includes highly qualified investigators, intelligence analysts, psychologists, educators, legal practitioners and other professionals, all of whom maintain the highest standards of integrity.

We invite you to review Toddington International’s website at

Workshop Information

The workshop is open to all and the cost is as follows:

• Edmonton and Northern Alberta #156 Chapter members .....................$200.00

• ASIS members .......................................................................................$250.00

• Non ASIS members ...............................................................................$350.00

Date: May 3 and 4, 2012


Grant MacEwan University, Downtown Campus

This is a hands-on, interactive workshop that will be conducted using the internet in a computer laboratory. Participants should have at minimum, a basic understanding of the internet.

Registration for this workshop can be done through the ASIS Edmonton and Northern Alberta website at or at the 'register' link above.


Grant MacEwan University, Downtown Campus
Edmonton, AB
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