Board Meetings

The chapter conducts its Board of Directors meeting the second Monday every-other-month.

2014 Board Meetings

February      Board Minutes February 2014

2013 Board Meetings

February      Board Minutes February 2013

April             Board Minutes April 2013

June            Board Minutes June 2013

August         Board Minutes August 2013

October       Board Minutes October 2013

December   Board Minutes December 2013

2012 Board Meetings

February      Board Minutes February 2012

April            Board Minutes April 2012

June            Board Minutes June 2012 

August        Board Minutes August 2012

October       Board Minutes October 2012

2011 Board Meetings

January       Board Minutes January 2011

March         Board Minutes March 2011

April           Board Minutes April 2011

June           Board Minutes June 2011

August        No Meeting

October      Board Minutes October 2011

December    Board Minutes December 2011 

2010 Board Meetings

May           Board Minutes May 2010.pdf

June           Board Minutes June 2010.pdf  

July            Board Minutes July 2010.pdf

August       Board Minutes August 2010.pdf

September  Board Minutes September 2010.pdf

October      Board Minutes October 2010.pdf

November   No Meeting

December   Board Minutes December 2010