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The AES Corporation
Arlington, VA



Mr. Joseph Meaney Jr.

Vice President, Global Insurance and Risk Engineering,
The AES Corporation


As Vice President of Global Insurance and Risk Engineering for AES Corporation, Joseph Meaney (Joe) is responsible for establishing and directing the global insurance and risk management practice, including the identification, management and efficient financing of construction, operational, and business risks. In addition, he oversees all global risk engineering activities and is an advisor to the senior leadership team on risk issues. Under Joes leadership, AESs Risk Engineering Program is now recognized as a world-leading self-directed engineering program. The program extends to all operational power plants and power plants under construction including several involving complex civil engineering challenges and single project investments in excess of $1 billion. Since the programs inception, there have been more than 2,200 site visits, over 10,900 risk improvement opportunities identified, and AESs potential for loss has been reduced by over $30.4 billion. Joe focuses on advancing communication across AESs global operations. This requires oversight of AES presence in 16 countries on four continents and features a diverse workforce, cultural differences, multiple languages, different accounting practices, a range of power generation equipment and technology issues. By level-setting risk quantification and more efficiently tracking risk trends, Joe has developed a process that delivers emerging risk information to leadership. In addition to gaining trust from leadership, his guidance has promoted a culture of risk-informed decision making regarding a wide range of strategic initiatives from new project development, plant repowering, mergers and acquisitions and emerging technologies. Additionally, Joe has successfully enhanced AESs captive (AGIC), allowing for it to become a sophisticated risk financing tool delivering unique solutions that enable AES to effectively compete in its marketplaces. In turn, AGIC has become a revenue generator, providing material annual corporate contributions over the last five years to the parent company. Prior to AES, Joe held management positions with National Energy and Gas Transmission, National Energy Group, US Generating Company, HYDRA-CO Enterprises and Welchs. Joe has 25+ years of production and energy risk management experience. He is a former officer and President of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Upstate New York chapter and a board member of the Nation Capital RIMS chapter.


Niagara University
Niagara Falls, New York, United States
BBA, 1985
1981 To 1985