Mentorship Program


Mentorship Program
Thank you to our mentor volunteers for your contribution with the student protégés and making a difference in their vocation.

If you are interested in mentoring a student protégé at the University of Colorado Denver or New Mexico State University, or if you are a student interested in joining the mentorship program as a student protégé, please contact Fran Baumgardner, our Chapter Administrator at for more information. This is a great opportunity to help our young professionals receive your insight in the risk management industry!

What does it mean to our student protégés? Risk Management & Insurance major Jared Dolan says “a mentor is essential to the success of students throughout their collegiate experience and beyond. They bring knowledge that is not found in the classroom making them irreplaceable. Since mentors are working in the industry they can answer nearly all of the burning questions students have and steer them towards the right direction.”