February Luncheon

Adventures in General Liability Claims from a Maverick

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Speaker Bios

Nancy Couch

Director of Loss Prevention/Safety/Auditing

Maverik, Inc.


Nancy is the Director of Loss Prevention/Safety/Auditing for Maverik, Inc., which owns and operates 300 stores in 10 western states.  Starting as a manager 28 years ago, Nancy worked up through district manager and assistant-regional director levels.  She also accepted specific assignments of importance, for example, serving as the training intermediary between the office level and the store level (which was of crucial importance) when the company made the significant change from retail to cost accounting at item-level inventory.  Twelve years ago, Maverik appointed Nancy to her current position based on her extensive and varied experience in the industry, asking her to develop a state-of-the-art program to protect company assets and provide safer conditions for employees and customers.


In addition to her own expertise, Nancy takes advantage of networking with numerous representatives from other companies in the industry, keeping well informed on new techniques and strategies for dealing with challenging issues affecting the industry.  She has been active in many local and national LP committees and conferences:  the NACS Risk Task Force, NACS Insurance Risk Management Strategy Program, CSP Risk Management, and the Loss Prevention Network Group among others. After acting as president of LPIPA (Loss Prevention Industry Professionals Association) for eight years, Nancy is currently a member of the leadership team of that group.


Nancy enjoys her challenging career, but realizes that balance in life is the key to full happiness; spending family time with her husband of 38 years, her three adult children, and her three (soon to be four) grandchildren provides much of that balance.  Like Maverik, Nancy has an adventurous side.  Her tenure with Maverik has allowed Nancy many opportunities to travel out of the country to awe-inspiring destinations, where she has experienced many diverse cultures. Ever the risk taker, Nancy is known to be willing to “go for it”; this year she has a scheduled appearance in the Spartan near Las Vegas, where she is much more likely to experience the agony of defeat than the glory of victory.  Any free time she has now is spent at the gym preparing.