September Luncheon

Our September guest speakers are: 

Rodney G. HANDY, MBA, PhD, CIH. Dr. Handy is currently a Professor in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and the Director of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational and Environmental Health Programs, and  Co-Director of TRaCE-Utah.

Michael Hampton, CSP, ARM. Michael is the Co-Director of TRaCE-Utah and manages the Hazardous Waste Worker Training and HazMat Disaster Preparedness Training program at the University of Utah and serves as the primary instructor for core courses.

The September Luncheon will focus on the following

  • Innovative solutions to challenges in these regulatory areas
  • Furthering the mission of the University and the Rocky Mountain Center through continued outreach to BIG (business, industry and government).
  • Improved and enhanced real world based educational opportunities for our students