The ABCs of iPhone Insurance

By Andy Harris posted 05-13-2013 02:58 AM

Now that you have got an iPhone you must begin thinking about insuring it. iPhone insurance is a must because your phone is expensive and if it gets damaged or stolen, you will have to pay through your nose to replace it, if you don’t have insurance. There are people who have chosen not to buy insurance cover for their iPhone, in spite of knowing the risks they are taking. These people are taking a huge chance thinking nothing will happen to their phones, because they are careful about how they use them and they always have an eye on them, which ensures that their device will never get stolen. Well, good luck to them. 

But if you are one of those who believe insuring your iPhone is a very good idea, it’s important to understand the basics of such insurance. You could call it the ABCs of iPhone insurance. Let’s take a look at these basics. 

Make sure that the coverage is comprehensive

Not every insurance services provider offers comprehensive coverage for your iPhone. There are some who give it protection from drops and spills only, while there are others that only cover it for theft and there are still others who cover your iPhone for every misfortune under the sun. You must pick the kind of cover that best fits your needs and requirements. If you are worried about your iPhone getting stolen, and are not really concerned about damage, then look for insurance that covers theft only; if you are looking for insurance that replaces your iPhone in case it gets damaged; specifically look for companies providing this type of cover. When you research the market, you will realize that there are a wide variety of options available in terms of the insurance cover. So pick what you need.

Understand the cost perspective

There are some companies that offer expensive insurance coverage and there others whose coverage is on the cheaper side. At times, companies that are big names in the business have an expensively priced insurance cover. If it doesn’t fall within your budget, look for other services providers who are offering a cover that is within your budget. These service providers might not be as famous as the big names in the industry but that doesn’t mean you should buy from them. Some of the smaller players in the iPhone insurance domain are actually quite highly rated for the quality of their insurance cover and the fast processing of claims.

End Words

If you want to buy the best iPhone insurance cover, you will need to conduct comprehensive market research and find out about the kind of covers available on the market. You can also take expert help by clarifying your doubts on the various discussion forums that are about mobile phone insurance. You can even talk to the people who already have taken iPhone insurance. Try and understand everything you want to know about the various insurance covers available on the market, the kind of cover offered and the process of claiming insurance. It’s important that you make an informed decision regarding your iPhone insurance, so know everything before buying it.