The Conference Approaches

By David Dolnick posted 04-01-2009 11:58 AM

RIMS 2009 is approaching rapidly!  This year, I'm coordinating the Construction Industry session again (IND 906, Tuesday morning, 4/21 from 9:00 until 11:30), but attendance is way down.  It should be a good group, though, and we have some new attendees who have signed up to join us in the open discussion.  As with the prior 6 years, this session is open to Deputy Members and Students, or those who are eligible for Deputy Membership.  We've voted on that at each of the last 4 sessions, and the results have overwhelmingly been in favor of not allowing Associate members or others not eligible for Deputy or Student membership to attend.  Affiliate and retired members are also welcome.

RIMS is also offering the Certificates of Insurance session (INS 100) again, which has a large attendance once again.  We've pulled back and re-trenched a bit, mostly based on comments from last year's attendees, and have removed some of the discussions about international issues of confirming coverage, and are looking to more of the basics, as with the first year's session.  See, speakers really DO pay attention to those evaluation forms and the attendee's comments.  They are absolutely vital in providing us feedback, which is the only way we know how to improve the sessions for you.  Keep 'em coming!

Times are tough out there, especially in construction, but that's even more reason to focus on the fundamentals of sound business practice.  Risk Management is the core of that, and, as someone very much wiser than I once observed, "All good management is risk management!"

See you in Orlando