Software/Technology interest group

By Mari-Jo Hill posted 04-01-2009 02:59 PM

In a few short weeks, we'll be gathering in Orlando with other members of the risk management community. For me and my staff, this is a time to take a deep breath following our insurance renewal and celebrate what we've learned from the process with our industry partners, renew connections with our peers, and expand our awareness of new services and resources.

It's also, importantly, a great opportunity to meet with others in a similar industry from around the world.  We can discuss common problems and concerns that affect our business and find solutions from the experience of others, which is the greatest value to me of this networking opportunity.  How better to do this than in a small discussion group that is protected from the media or brokers and will permit us to just talk amongst ourselves! 

That's the purpose of the Software/Technology industry session on Monday afternoon.  We will have a short presentation by a broker/expert in this space on a current topic of interest, but the rest of the session is totally devoted to YOU and what problems you experience in the real world of risk management...
  • challenges with meeting the expectations of your organization
  • determining which broker might provide the specialized service you need
  • understanding which insurance or other options would best address the unique exposures you face
  • make connections with more seasoned professionals who can add the value of their perspective and experience.

Even if you haven't signed up for the session, feel free to come join us if your'e in risk management or a student.   Ask questions below or bring them with you!