Preparing for the Perfect Storm: Church Safety & Security – An Online Interview

By Michael Boutot posted 07-06-2009 01:42 PM


As announced last week, we have launced a new industry group call "Church Risk Management", which is designed to open up discussion relative to risk management issues and exposures in local churches.  While I realize there are very few currently involved with RIMS that are either employed by a church or service churches, many of you are members of local churches and you too have a vested interest in what this is all about.

Glen Evans from Church Security Alliance interviewed me for 30 minutes on Tuesday, June 9, 2009. We dealt with various issues relative to church safety and security. I encourage pastors, church leaders, church members and risk management personnel to spend some time listening to our discussion and gaining a greater understanding of some of the exposures we are facing in our churches today.

After you listen to this brief interview, I would encourage you to join our LinkedIn Group, The Institute for Church Safety & Risk Management at . You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile at

Michael R. Boutot
Executive Director
The Institute for Church Safety & Risk Management

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07-07-2009 03:14 PM

I applaud your work in an area that will, I believe, have tremendous growth in the future. The subject matter is near and dear to my heart, and I am also pleased to assist in any way possible.