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For Our February Luncheon Event...

Your Entree Selections - you must select one:
• Napa Chicken - Artichoke | Sundried Tomatoes | Capers | Mashed Potatoes | Haricots Verts
• Wharf Salmon - Wild-Caught Salmon | Maple Mustard Glaze | Honey Roasted Pecan
• Vegetarian/Vegan Southwest Bowl - Rice | Black beans | Roasted Corn | Pico De Gallo | Queso Fresco | Chipotle Ranch | Corn Tortilla Chips 
• Please advise if any special accommodation is needed

We will begin with...
Golden Goddess Salad - Iceberg Lettuce | Walnut | Prosciutto | Cranberry | Champagne Vinaigrette 
We will conclude with...
Coconut Cream Bombe 3-Layer Cake

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