Annual Broker Forum - 2010

Annual Broker Forum - 2010

Here are the topics from the 2010 Annual Broker Forum

(As the speakers notes become available, they will be posted)

Topic #1 What is the next big thing and how can we avoid it?  

by Gloria Forbes of ECBM with Joe Calandro of ACE Group.

Topic #2 Can an insurance broker really help his clients manage risk without selling them insurance? 

by Peter Austen of Willis with Steve Reiss of ACE Group

Topic #3 Do you really know my business?  If so, where are your best teams and how do we ensure that we have access to them?
by Sam Coburn of Frank Crystal with Michael Keegan of Chartis Group

Topic #4 How are privacy and cyber-risk exposures becoming more challenging to manage as a result of exploding social media networks such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. ?
by Marc Armstrong of AON with John Sherlock of Chartis Group

Topic #5 Contingent Commissions
by Christopher Roak of Marsh with Joe Murphy of Zurich Insurance Group



Here is a YouTube video on Social Media recommended by John Sherlock