Make an Impact

Make an Impact

How Can You Make an Impact?

The Nevada Chapter of RIMS

as a RIMS Chapter Volunteer!


The Nevada Chapter of RIMS encourages you to serve as a Chapter volunteer.  Make an impact by reaching out to new members, organizing fund-raising events, writing newsletter articles and offering your knowledge in ways to strengthen the voice of the Nevada Chapter of RIMS.


Nevada Chapter service also offers you an unparalleled local opportunity to gain leadership experience and build your professional network.


Take your skills to the next level. Become a Nevada Chapter volunteer!


Here are a few more reasons why you should SERVE:


Service as a Chapter volunteer can provide status to a risk manager—be seen as an innovator and leader.

Networking with other Chapter members is an informational resource that offers direct access to experienced industry professionals.

Chapter level service provides board members with recognition for their dedication to the future of the risk management profession.

This is the chance for risk managers to make their voices heard among peers and be seen as an expert in the industry.

Become more engaged in your industry while developing leadership skills which will serve you throughout your career.

How to SERVE:

Contact your local chapter at for details on how you can become a Chapter volunteer. There's an important role for you even if you can commit just a couple of hours a month. For a complete list of chapters and contact information, visit