Construction Industry Session

By David Dolnick posted 04-02-2009 04:33 PM

As we get closer to our Construction Industry session at RIMS 2009 in Orlando, I wanted to blog a bit in hopes of increasing our attendance.  This year, perhaps in reflection to the severe downturns in our industry, we're running at about half the attendees we normally see signed up by this time.  If you work in the industry, or have an interest in it, this session may be of interest to you.  It is a closed session, meaning that only Student Members and Deputy Members (or those eligible for deputy membership) can attend, giving us a focused and safe place to discuss the changes and challenges we're all facing.  Construction is, and always has been, about the management of risk.  Successful companies learn this, more successful ones formalize that knowledge.  This session is a place to share that collective wisdom as we try to weather one of the roughest downturns in memory.  With profit margins razor thin, competition at an all time high, and (at times) desperation at a fever pitch, can you afford to miss the input and experience of your peers?

See you there...!