Mission Statement

MISSION:  The Central Texas Chapter promotes timely and valuable education, appreciation, networking and development of individuals who manage business risk and related fields.

The Chapter Advantage

Texas Risk and Insurance Management Society chapters are committed to advancing the Risk Management profession by way of providing educational programs, professional development resources, and networking opportunities for affiliated members.  Chapters are the heart and hands of RIMS, connecting members and their organizations to resources, ideas, and opportunities. 

The real value of RIMS membership is provided at the Chapter level, through professional development and networking opportunities only available by participation in available activities. The personal connections and available resources, along with the latest ideas and validated practices, provide an outstanding return on what amounts to a modest and manageable investment of time, effort, and expense.  Listed below, are advantages of chapter affiliation:

Education - Chapters provide numerous local opportunities to update knowledge of Risk Management and Insurance (RM&I) trade basics, as well as access to advanced or specialized knowledge through local seminars and workshops, at low or no cost.

Support systems - Chapters provide informal coaching and mentoring relationships with experienced risk professionals, who enjoy providing guidance and useful insights regarding organizational challenges and career advice. Even on an informal basis, such relationships provide a source of answers and solutions when you are facing a challenging RM&I situation in your organization. You may not have an immediate answer to a specific RM&I problem, but you are only a few contacts away from a local source that can help you get to one.  At the very least, knowing you have a local support network behind you, boosts your confidence when problems arise.

Local Civic Engagement - As an individual Risk Professional, you may not have the time or resources to sponsor a charitable event, collaborate with an educational institution or otherwise participate in community activities. Because the Chapter is active in local educational and philanthropic ventures, you can become involved in many worthwhile projects. The Chapter contributes to the profession of Risk Management, as well as our communities in a variety of ways.  From providing scholarships and grants to local students and local universities where Risk Management and Insurance is a focus of study, to supporting local charitable causes, your Chapter makes a difference in the surrounding communities. 

Networking opportunities - Chapters provide opportunities to increase your Risk Management and Insurance professional contacts. Chapters provide access to recognized global, as well as local Risk Management and Insurance professionals.  Such networking goes beyond the exchange of business cards and website access – as you attend meetings and scheduled events; become active on a committee or take a prominent leadership role, you will forge lasting ties with others who have common professional interests and similar business concerns. These relationships will be a rich, ongoing source of inspiration and ideas for you and your organization