Distinguished Associate Award





Description of the Award

The Distinguished Associate Award recognizes individual achievement at the chapter level.  The award may be presented to Associates, who through their actions, exhibit the qualities that further risk management at the chapter level.  This award will be considered on an annual basis and there is no requirement to bestow this award each year.

Award Criteria

A candidate for this award should display consistent involvement in chapter activities in one or more of the following areas:

1.              Regularly attends DFW Chapter luncheon meetings

2.              Regularly participates in DFW Chapter social functions

3.              Acts as Associate Advisor or otherwise participates on one or more DFW Chapter committees

4.              Helps facilitate communications between all membership categories

5.              Brings new ideas to the DFW Chapter

6.              Promotes the health and success of the DFW Chapter

7.              Advances the risk management profession

In Recognition

In recognition of being chosen, the Distinguished Associate Award plaque will be presented by the Chapter President at the chapter’s January monthly luncheon meeting to the individual receiving the award.


In order to make a nomination for the Distinguished Associate Award, a Deputy member must submit an official Distinguished Associate Award Application by email to the Membership Development Committee.  Prior recipients of the Distinguished Associate Award will not be eligible.  Members of the Membership Development Committee are not eligible to submit an application for this award.  Associate Advisors on the Membership Development Committee are not eligible to win this award.


Entries will be scored by the chapter’s Membership Development Committee who will present their nomination to the Board of Directors. 


The Chapter President will notify the recipient of the Distinguished Associate Award, as well as the submitter prior to the January meeting.


Deadline for entries:  December 17th

All entries must be scanned and submitted by email to Ronna Schmoker at rschmoker@univisionradio.com.  Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.