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What is RIMS?

The Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS) is a professional organization for Risk Managers who work for industrial, service, non-profit, and public sector organizations. Most are responsible for their employer’s property and casualty risks (i.e., workers comp, 3rd party liability). Some are responsible for business risks (i.e., currency fluctuations, interest rate increases) which may affect their company’s products or services. All Risk Managers use a 5-step decision making process to determine how to deal with risks: (1) identify and analyze loss exposures; (2) examine alternative risk management techniques; (3) select most appropriate technique; (4) implement technique; and (5) monitor results.

RIMS has almost 100 chapters representing nearly 8,000 members across the U.S. and Canada. TheDallas/Fort Worth Chapter has approximately 300 members. We hold monthly meetings and outings with informative presentations and forums designed to educate and network with our colleagues. Our annual Fall Conferences raises funds from insurance companies, consultants, brokers, and other service providers to fund student scholarships.

Risk Management is a growing and dynamic field with exciting new challenges and opportunities. We want students to pursue educational programs to prepare them for such a career. Here are some benefits of associating with RIMS:

  • RIMS Membership —Submit an application and we will sponsor the RIMS membership fee and waive the local dues to the top applicants ($75 value)!    
  • Free Food—Attend a local monthly luncheon meeting and we will waive the cost of your first visit ($20 value)!    
  • Education—Learn more about a career in Risk Management by networking with seasoned risk management professionals and potential employers!    
  • Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Program —Selected recipients receive airfare, lodging, registration fee, and honorarium to attend the RIMS Annual Conference which is held every year in a different location!    
  • Scholarships —Submit an application for one of the Dallas/Fort Worth RIMS scholarships to be awarded during our annual Fall Conference!  Scholarships available for undergraduates and those pursuing an M.B.A.--- Scholarships-M.B.A.   
  • Spencer Internship —Apply for a paid internship with one of our local member companies!    
  • Managing Business Risk Seminar—Selected recipients will attend a half-day seminar designed for the beginning Risk Manager ($35 value)!    
  • And much, much, more!